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The goal of this page is to inform you about how Hokofarm Group BV handels personal information, required through the website. By processing this personal information Hokofarm Group acts according to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (DPPA). This law helps protecting the privacy of individuals.



This law became effective in september 2001 and specifies the rights of a person whose information is being used and what the obligations are of companies and organizations who use these information. The DPPA applies to all data required through the website of Hokofarm Group BV. This means all data required, saved and used has to be processed according to the rules of the DPPA.



Personal data is data that identifies a natural person. This means the name of a person whose information is known or can be traced. Examples of personal information are names, home adresses, e-mailadresses etcetera.



Your information is processed carefully and according to the DPPA. If necessary, we will ask you for your permission to process your personal data. Your personal data will only be used for the things you gave permission to. This means for example that if you left your name for a competition, we will not use your data for sending you information (unless you gave permission to do that). It also means your data will not be used to send you commercial e-mailings. Data can en may be used for detection if you have violated the law through our website or other exceptions which are explained in article 43 in the DPPA.



The website of Hokofarm Group uses cookies. A cookie is a file placed on your device and only recognizable by your device saving this cookie. A cookie shows our server that you returned to a specific page on our website. A cookie does not register personal data like name, address, phone number or other information which can lead to you. We use cookies to collect information during your visit on our website, like your IP address (a unique number of your device when you browse on the internet) and date en time of your visit. If you wish to you can set your browser to give you a warning when cookies are being placed.



You can contact us at all time if you wish to find out how we are handling your personal information. If you have any objection processing your personal information, please let us know.

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