MRS (Motion Registration System) allows the activities of each individual cow to be closely tracked. This leg-held transponder even registers with 15 separate periods / per 24 hours and helps determine the ideal moment for insemination. In addition, MRS can also be used as a key source of information with respect to the general health of your dairy livestock. Any activity changes are reported to the dairy farmer via the SATURNUS Management System.


5x ID_Plus _PrintplatenNeck and Ear ID

The familiar neck and ear transponders provide the alternatives for identifying your cattle population and for carrying out individual cow management. The receivers on the farm are able to register each individual cow and enable the various processes to be fully automated. Another much used option, alongside automatic milking and feeding, is the automatic separation of your animals.


Hokofarm _Group _Astrea _SXC_3_FL_45_CCompressor

The ASTREA makes use of a single centralised pneumatic energy source. Together with one of the leading manufacturers in the field of pneumatic energy, it has now proved possible to find the ideal balance between quality and reliability, in combination with exceptionally low energy consumption. What is more, the high-performance compressor is also suited for use in various climatic conditions.


Pre Cooler


The Hokofarm Group pre-cooler enables you quick and easy energy savings of between 40% en 50% when cooling your overall milk flow. The Hokofarm Group pre-cooler can easily be installed and for that reason represents an exceptionally sound investment, which can be recovered in next to no time.

Pasture _SelectionPasture selection

By using the cow selection gateways developed by Hokofarm Group and a specific pasture setting in the SATURNUS Management programme, it is one easy step to proceed with pasturage management. This makes the ASTREA 20.20 fully flexible and a responsible level of pasturing can be implemented according to need.


I-1043rd type of concentrate

The ASTREA system comes standard with two types of concentrate. A special assembly for the 3rd type of concentrate can be easily installed according to your needs. The reliable dosage system, including an anti-spillage device, ensures accurate and reliable dispense of concentrates. Ask your authorised Hokofarm Group dealer about additional options.


Feeding _StationFeeding station

The cow-friendly Hokofarm Group concentrate feeding station provides a useful accessory if you wish to make use of an extra feed dispenser outside the ASTREA. As part of the SATURNUS Management system, various concentrate feeding stations can be combined with the ASTREA milking robot. The concentrate feeding station comes with two standard types of concentrate and is characterised by an extremely robust construction and the use of stainless steel and the extensively proportioned, maintenance-free, PVC feeding containers.


Buffer _TankBuffer tank

The ASTREA AMS system can now keep operating flawlessly, even when the milk cooling tank is being emptied and cleaned, with the implementation of an extra milk buffer tank. This will increase