NEW - ASTREA 20.20 Premium Automatic Milking 


The Astrea 20.20 Premium offers an all-in-one solution for automatic milking - probably the most reliable solution on the market today.
The Astrea 20.20 Premium enables you to increase milking capacity in the most efficient and user-friendly way.
The Astrea 20.20 Premium solution is suitable for all types of dairy farming - and the return on the investment is quick.

Robust box design

  • For the cow, the Astrea 20.20 industrial-style box design provides optimum comfort with ample space to move in and out.
  • For the milk, bacterial influences are minimized due to the high-performance spray system.
  • For the milker, it offers a durable, robust and easy-to-use solution with a long life-span and low maintenance costs.

Reliable Vision2Milk Software

  • For the cow, Vision2Milk ensures excellent udder health due to a high attachment rate.
  • For the milk, high quality milk due to quick, gentle and excellent milking.
  • For the milker, it provides greater efficiency due to the extremely accurate teat detection by means of the unique vision technology, thus minimizing the number of failed milkings.

High-Quality AttachTool

  • For the cow, the AttachTool ensures improved udder health, due to the unique and hygienic cleaning process using a separate prep-cup.
  • For the milk, the unique cleaning, stimulation and forestripping routine guarantees the best possible milking hygiene and ensures high-quality milk.
  • For the milker, its robust design and watertight compartments provide long-lasting durability.

Premium Uniflex Liner

  • For the cow, the Premium Uniflex Liner provides a gentle, but extremely effective milking method.
  • For the milk, it ensures its gentle distribution , ensuring fat globules remains intact, thus minimizing free fatty acids.
  • For the milker, the Premium Uniflex Liner ensures a higher yield whilst also saving costs.

Saturnus 20.20 App

  • For the milker, the SATURNUS 20.20 APP offers a quick and easy-to-understand overview of the milking system
  • 24 x 7 x 365 remote-access
  • Fast and problem-solving; push notifications
  • Android and IOS compatible, including veterinary control lists


The Astrea 20.20 Premium focuses on effective cow comfort and gentle treatment.
The Astrea 20.20 Premium ensures the very best quality fresh and natural milk.
The Astrea 20.20 Premium increases capacity in the most efficient way.

Click here to download the ASTREA 20.20 Premium folder