ASTREA 20.20 Automatic Milking 


Proven robot technology

For many years, after successful application in industry, the new ASTREA 20.20 concept is now proving its clear competitive edge. The tried and trusted industrial robot technology provides exceptional levels of reliability. During the milking process, there is no more technology present under the cow. Lower stress levels, but also a reduced risk of injury to the cow and faults in the equipment, mean that ASTREA 20.20 technology is indisputably unique. The special new generation 20.20 laser and scanning technology also guarantees quick and reliable attachment to the milk teats.

Robust construction, hygiene and security

ASTREA 20.20 is in a class of its own, thanks to its robust construction in combination with the use of durable materials, such as easy-to-clean stainless steel. The robotic arm is without a doubt the most reliable product of its kind on the market. The advanced and modern technology constitutes a sound basis the dairy farmer can fully rely on. In addition, as part of the ASTREA milking robot, the robotic arm comes with an exceptionally long 3-year warranty.

Steam cleaning system

The ASTREA steam cleaning system kills any bacteria, without the need for a cleaning agent, and as such ensures optimum safety in respect of udder health, food safety and less environmental impact. After every milking, the teat cups are cleaned immediately using hot steam provided by the steam cleaning system. Steam cleaning also brings about savings in the use of cleaning agents, plus a cleaner environment.

Milking like you have always known it

The ASTREA milks in a natural manner. The milking process can be sub-divided into 4 phases:
1) The pre-stimulation and cleaning phase of the udder.
2) The milking phase, with the option of animal-specific milking settings.
3) The removal phase, whereby the current milk flow determines whether removal can take place for each udder part and
4) the Milk pumping phase, whereby the milk is separated or transferred to the central milk cooling tank depending on its quality.

Smart Collect© and SENSE©

ASTREA 20.20 gives you a choice of options to separate the milk. Using the new SATURNUS management programme, any milk that fails to meet the required grade can be collected in one of the three milk containers. Dairy farmers may also separate the milk on an individual basis, of course. The Smart Collect system can be installed independently from the milking robot.

Conductivity and SENSE©

For detecting – and separating – milk containing blood or non-standard milk. This ultramodern system checks the colour of the milk. Conductivity is measured for each part of the udder to guarantee the most reliable inspection of the milk quality and all-important udder health. Both sensors, apart from measuring the amount of milk using an ICAR-approved milk meter, are linked to the fully integrated SATURNUS Management System.

Cow feeding and milking unit

The spacious cow feeding unit with its soft rubber floor guarantees maximum cow comfort without any force. No stress in this spacious box. The feed station can be made for three types of concentrates. Apart from that, the feed station is also quick and easy to install and assemble. The standard sensors, the cow-friendly control gates and the open structure (visibility lines) of the cow feeding and milking unit, ensures a convenient and practical arrangement for both the cows and the dairy farmer.


Reliable thanks to high quality. The proven industrial robotic arm of the ASTREA 20.20 comes with no less than a 3-year warranty*. (* according to the specific factory maintenance terms and conditions)

Low maintenance costs

Maintenance has never been easier. The central machine unit also allows for maintenance to be carried out while in operation. All components are smart and easily accessible.

Low water consumption

The new central milk unit makes a direct contribution to the very efficient internal cleaning. This results in lower water consumption.

Low power and energy consumption

The ASTREA 20.20 makes use of one central pneumatic energy supply. The robotic arm has been fitted with the latest electric motors, giving an energy-saving of approximately 35%. Thanks to the unique ASTREA 20.20 concept, this arm is able to control two cow feeding and milking units at once.

Free cow traffic, focus on animal welfare

No stress, all the animals are free to do as they like. Animal welfare and maximum milk production are the results of the simple concept that can be applied to any type of barn layout. That makes the ASTREA 20.20 one of its kind. Whether the focus is on quick and easy service or maximum view on your cows, the ASTREA 20.20 can be part of any type of barn layout at any time and anywhere. That is without losing sight of monitoring sensible cow traffic and the highest quality milk production.

Natural pre-milking stimulation

Once again, the new ASTREA takes advantage of the unique natural pre-milking stimulation principle. With the special, extra pre-milking teat cup, every teat is cleaned and dried individually. The massaging of each individual teat means that the important oxytocin hormone is stimulated so as to bring about milk delivery. Following this natural pre-milking stimulation and cleaning, the pre-milking cup is cleaned after every cow, thus preventing any cross-contamination with other animals and guaranteeing healthy udders in the herd.

Even when pasturing

By using the cow selection gateways developed by Hokofarm Group and a specific pasture setting in the SATURNUS Management programme, it is one easy step to proceed with pasturage management. This makes the ASTREA 20.20 fully flexible and a responsible level of pasturing can be implemented according to need.









Saving labour

The ASTREA 20.20 and the TIM Farm Control Management System provide you with the most consistent and reliable employee you can think of, who is also willing to keep working non-stop for many years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Reliable technology

The ASTREA 20.20 gives you the most high-tech milking system currently available worldwide. Following extensive experiences with the highly-praised Galaxy Robotic Milking System and advanced technological developments, the ASTREA 20.20 has all the properties combined to serve ‘people, planet and profit’. Whether it is about saving labour, service costs, production figures or the ‘plug and play’ principle, ASTREA 20.20 has earned appreciation and respect on all counts. The ASTREA 20.20 gives you a whole new outlook on the future.

Flexible operational management

You will be able to plan your day exactly the way you want it; after all, you are no longer tied to set milking times. The time you saved will allow you to monitor the herd and to optimise the business factors that increase the profitability of your farm.

More time to spare

As the core activity of your business – milking cows – is taken over by the ASTREA 20.20, you will have more time to enjoy your social and family life.

The cow takes centre stage

Everything revolves around the cow and it will always be that way. The animal dictates the milking time. It also dictates when it is time to feed or rest. In short: the ideal basis for the top performance of your herd.

Increased milk production

The use of an automated milking system will commonly result in a 10% increase of the milk production. By allowing the cows to decide the milking times, the number of daily milkings will increase. An increased production will be the result.

A new “plug and play” concept

For any type of barn, with maximum view of your cows, quick and simple to service and fitted within one day. For both newly built and renovated milking parlours. Ludicrously simple, as a matter of fact.

Low operating costs

The ASTREA 20.20 is known for being the cheapest to operate. The reliable technology, the use of durable materials and the economical water and power consumption at the lowest maintenance costs, immediately make the ASTREA 20.20 the most profitable AMS system of its kind.


The use of high-quality stainless steel and the low number of moving parts, as well as the use of industrial robotics techniques, ensures a long life, low maintenance costs and low depreciation figures.

Installation and Assembly

The installation of a fully automated milking system has never been this easy. Only the milk/feed transport line and the water/power supply have to be put in place; everything else has already been done for you in the factory. Everything has been fully tested and can be fitted quickly and easily in any type of cow barn. Relocating the robot after changes to the operational management at some point in the future is also a quick and easy procedure.